How Hero Changed One Customer's Life

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When we created Hero, it was to make people’s lives easier. To help simplify their days. And to give people peace-of-mind. When we hear from customers just how much our intelligent  countertop pill dispenser is doing exactly that for them, it makes our work worthwhile.

Recently, we heard from a customer who suffers from a neurological disorder which leaves her dependent on multiple medications. Before Hero, her day would begin with the counting and sorting of her pills. She referred to this process as, “More than a nuisance. It’s a continual reminder of my dependence on pharmaceuticals...It’s not a nice thing to wake up to every day.” That’s when she discovered Hero: A “total game changer” for her.

In fact, she was so overwhelmed by the impact Hero is going to have on her life both practically and emotionally, that she made her own (totally unsolicited!) video of her unboxing and setting up experience.

Have you had a great experience with your Hero? Has it changed the life of someone you know or care for? We’d love to hear from you too!


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