How to Organize Your Pill Bottles

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Pill bottles. We’ve all got a drawer or cabinet full of them. From the meds we take daily to the ones we take once in a blue moon, they add up. And storing and keeping track of the variety of pill bottles can be overwhelming.

So let’s talk strategies for decluttering pill containers.


Before you buy anything to organize your pills, gather up everything you take: supplements, vitamins, and prescriptions. Lay one of each pill out on a table so you can see what you’re working with. You’re probably looking at a lot of pills of various sizes and shapes. Maybe some of them are hard to tell apart. That’s common, but still a challenge when you’re considering the pill organizer that’s right for you.

Next, if you don’t already have it, write down your schedule for taking each medication. 2 pills of this every morning, one of these every night, this one only when you need it. If you’re using lined paper, it might help to make it into a chart:


Once you’ve taken stock of your medications and supplements and determined what you need to take, when, you can start looking at organizers. You’ll find a variety, both online and at your local pharmacy. But if you did the planning, figuring out which you need will be easy.



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