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1. HSA/FSA eligibility

Yes -- you can use your HSA/FSA dollars to help pay for Hero. Simply use your HSA or FSA approved credit card at checkout.

2. Medicaid

Failure to adhere to a medication schedule can result in high healthcare costs for Medicaid. Because of this, it is open to covering the cost of products and services that enhance adherence, or enable a patient living in a nursing home to live independently.

To find out whether Medicaid will cover some or all of the cost of Hero in your state, check out the resources below.

3. Non-Medicaid state assistance

There are some state non-Medicaid programs that may be able to provide some assistance in covering the cost of Hero through their consumer direction of care services.

Check out the resources below.

4. Options for veterans

There are a couple of ways veterans can apply for assistance or reimbursement in purchasing a Hero device to assist with their medication management.

Firstly, beneficiaries of the Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services can choose to allocate their financial assistance towards the cost of Hero. Find out more here.

Secondly, there is the option to get unreimbursed medical expenses deducted from income through veteran pension programs such as  the Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits. Find out more here.

5. Tax deductibility

Some people choose to utilize the Medical Expense Credit tax deduction when buying Hero. If you wish to do that, talk to your accountant about deducting the cost of “Diagnostic Devices”. Diagnostic Devices are defined as including any “device used for treating an illness”.

Medication management devices are used to ensure adherence to medications that treat illness, so Hero may fall into this category.

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