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“An automatic dispenser could make it easier for someone caring for an older parent, for example, and give them one less thing to worry about. The Hero could also be a boon for folks who take multiple pills and have a hard time keeping things straight.”

“So Hero boasts a colorful display, and even some nice, encouraging whirring noises as it dispenses your pills.

Hero unveils a new home gadget to help you track and dispense pills.”

“Users can load it with up to 10 different types of pills, which the machine dispenses into a cup automatically in the right combinations at the right times.”

Your Hero membership is a complete, all-access pass to life-changing medication management.

  • Hero Pill Dispenser

  • Hero Mobile App

  • 24/7 Support

How it Works

Use the Hero app to program any pill regimen, simple or complex

Hero will notify you when it’s pill time as often as needed.

Hero stores, sorts and dispenses up to a 90-day’s supply of 10 different medications

Manage both scheduled doses and medications taken as needed.

Push button for auto sort and dispense when Hero alerts you it's pill time

A clearly audible sound and blinking light does the trick.

With Hero, we help keep your loved ones safe and you connected.

  • App alerts, the moment they miss a dose

  • Active support team, a quick text or phone call away 

  • Optional passcode, so pills are dispensed by the right person

According to the World Health Organization, around 50% of medication is not taken as prescribed.

This leads to:


of all annual U.S.
hospital visits


in annual
U.S. healthcare costs


U.S. deaths
per year

The Cost of Care

By improving your medication management, a Hero membership may help you avoid the far steeper costs of medication non-adherence, such as hospitalizations or frequent doctor’s visits.

In some cases, Hero can also allow you or a loved one to avoid paying for in-home care or assisted living facilities, both of which cost thousands of dollars per month.


$1,500 - $8,000/month


$1,000 - $5,000/month


$4,000/mo. (Avg.)



At Hero, we are dedicated to making healthcare frictionless by bringing easy to use, beautifully designed solutions to you and your families.

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