HIPAA Privacy Policy

Hero Health, Inc. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies only to information provided as part of the Hero Fill Program. For Core Experience medication management services, please see herohealth.com/privacy .

If you participate in the Hero Fill service , we or our service provider may need to obtain or otherwise manage your “Protected Health Information” (“PHI”).

PHI is individually identifiable health information that you provide when enrolling and participating in the Hero Fill service. PHI may include your name, contact, and prescriptions-related information.

We are required to protect information classified as PHI per our agreements with our service providers. For more details, please email help@herohealth.com to ask for additional information on how our service providers handle personal information.

Your Health Information Rights

Per the HIPAA Privacy Rule, “individuals the right to access, upon request, the medical and health information (protected health information or PHI) about them.” To request access to your PHI, please email help@herohealth.com.

Changes to this Notice

We reserve the right to change this policy as permitted by law. We reserve the right to make the revised or changed policy effective for health information received in the past and the information we may receive in the future.

For any substantial changes, we will post a copy of the revised policy on our website and email a copy. Additionally, we will make copies available upon request. To request a copy of the policy, please email help@herohealth.com.