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A dose of calm for the whole family

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An in-home medication manager for every part of your medication journey, so you never miss a dose again.

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The device sorts and dispenses doses at the push of a button

Audible and visual reminders keep things on track.

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The app reminds you to take your pills.

And it even alerts loved ones if you haven't.

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Hero Fill delivers meds directly to your door

We’ll help keep you from running out of prescriptions, over-the-counter meds and supplements with our optional Hero Fill service. 

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At Hero, we are dedicated to making healthcare frictionless by bringing easy to use, beautifully designed solutions to you and your families.

With Hero, we help keep your loved ones safe and you connected.

  • App alerts, the moment they miss a dose

  • Active support team, a quick text or phone call away 

  • Optional passcode, so pills are dispensed by the right person

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Hero gives you peace of mind with an automatic pill dispenser that makes it simple and easy for your loved ones to take the right medication at the right time, every time.

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