Medicare Overview

On Medicare?

Hero may be covered by your insurance*

A new Medicare program may now offer Hero at low to no cost as part of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM). RTM is used to deliver virtual care and support patients in achieving their medication adherence goals.

Hero partnered with Assure Health, a leading national healthcare provider that uses Hero in its clinical program to help Medicare members better manage their medications and health conditions.

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*Coinsurance and copays may apply.

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4 easy steps to get Hero at little to no cost*

1. 10-minute call to see if you’re eligible

Today, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring with Hero is only available for Medicare beneficiaries.

2. Video chat to review your health

You’ll have a 20 minute video chat with a clinician at Assure, a Hero-partnered provider, to understand your medication management needs.

3. Get Hero delivered to your doorstep

Set up your smart dispenser and start enjoying life outside the pill box!

4. Receive support along the way!

You’ll meet with an Assure's provider at least once a month to discuss your adherence and get personal guidance.

*Coinsurance and copays may apply.