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Our Story

We believe that caregivers are the real heroes.

It’s hard work making sure medications are stocked, sorted and taken correctly. But it’s even harder when doing it for someone you care about.

The Spark

Five years ago, Kal Vepuri unexpectedly became a caregiver when his mom fell ill and was put on a number of different medications, each with different dosing schedules. Though a highly educated physician, even she found it difficult to stick to her medication schedule.  And there was not a single pill box, pill dispenser, mail-order pharmacy or care service out there that was helping.

Kal felt unable to adequately care for the most important person in his life.  Read more about it, here.

After realizing this was an issue many families faced, Vepuri assembled a team of fellow caregivers and problem solvers to identify an innovative solution. The Hero team was inspired to create a seamless way to ensure that all our loved ones never, ever miss a medication dose, again.

Now, Kal’s mom feels empowered to take back control of her health. And we feel this is just the beginning of Hero doing its part to put you and your loved ones back in the driver’s seat when it comes to what matters most: our well-being.

We use technology to develop radically simple solutions that always prioritize the customer experience and that are available to anyone and everyone seeking good health.

We Know

Healthcare is one of the world’s most challenging problems because of the many barriers — costs, access, human behavior, policies, etc. — that get in between people and their health.

We aim to remove those barriers.

Our Promise

Heroes don’t fear the villain; they fear failure. 

And so, we are committed to supporting you and your loved ones on your journey to success — on your journey to better health.