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Our story

We are dedicated to making healthcare frictionless by bringing easy to use, beautifully designed solutions to the masses. 

Kal Vepuri

Kal started writing software as a child, eventually selling his first bootstrapped company while in his teens. After earning engineering degrees, he worked as a consultant and private equity investor while personally trading wireless spectrum licenses.

Since 2010, Kal has been a founder and active seed investor in healthcare, consumer and technology. Brainchild, his holding company, has been an early supporter of over 300 talented founders including those at Oscar Health, Clover Health, Color Genomics, Quartet Health, Smith Rx, Warby Parker, Harry’s, Dataminr, Sweetgreen, SeatGeek, ClassPass, Allbirds, Mirror, MakerBot, SmartThings and Quip.

Kal founded and has led all Hero operations since inception.  When he isn’t busy building an all-star team and highlighting the importance of medication management, Kal enjoys discovering the latest and greatest means to living a healthy life through community, diet, fitness and tech.

The team