We aim to improve medication management and adherence across a population by supporting risk bearers and providing a meaningful benefit for caregivers.

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Health Plans

  • Improving medication adherence can have a positive impact on Stars ratings, member satisfaction, and other quality measures.
  • Medication mismanagement has been shown to result in costly adverse drug events and readmissions.
  • Alert care managers to missed doses to allow for early interventions.
  • Provide members with a differentiated member benefit, proven to increase plan NPS.1


  • Reduce healthcare expenditures by improving medication compliance for individuals with costly conditions.2
  • Provide a unique caregiving benefit to employees responsible for caring for a loved one.
  • Can realize benefits of improved productivity and reduce absenteeism when medication adherence is improved.3
  • Differentiate your employee benefits program and drive retention with Hero’s unique program.4

Medicaid Waiver Programs

  • Hero can provide those with assistive technology needs with a solution to more independently manage medications.
  • Hero’s alerts allow care managers to know when an intervention might be needed.
  • Receive objective, time-stamped data for taken and missed medication to support compliance objectives.

1 Adverse Drug Events in Ambulatory Care. Gandhi TK, Weingart SN, Borus J, et al. New Engl J Med. 2003;348(16):1556-1564. 2 Roebuck MC, et al. Medication adherence leads to lower health care use and costs despite increased drug spending. Health Affairs. 2011;30:91–99 3 Sokol et al. Impact of Medication Adherence on Hospitalization Risk and Healthcare Cost. Med Care 2005;43: 521–530 4 Am J Pharm Benefits 2012:4(4):e88-96. “Impact of medication adherence on work productivity in hypertension”

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