We aim for superior patient outcomes by partnering with various stakeholders in therapeutic development.

Our partners

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Commercial Pharma and Patient Support Programs

  • We partner with global medical product developers on the development of Patient Support Programs (PSPs) to support patients on therapies.
  • By encouraging better therapy adherence, developers partner with Hero to deliver better treatment options, drive differentiation, and strengthen relationships between patients and their providers.

Real-World Evidence

  • Hero delivers real-world evidence and insights for manufacturers and purchasers of medical treatments.
  • We help answer the most critical questions in health care–what works best, for whom, and when?
  • Our RWE solutions help inform decision-making ranging from drug discovery to post-market monitoring.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

  • Hero can provide those with assistive technology needs with a solution to more independently manage medications.
  • Hero’s alerts allow care managers to know when an intervention might be needed.
  • Receive objective, time-stamped data for taken and missed medication to support compliance objectives.

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