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Hero is the smart device taking the hassle out of medication management.

Set up your smart dispenser today and start enjoying hassle-free med management!

Fun fact: Most members set up their smart dispenser within 24 hours of delivery!

Before you begin

Set aside 30 minutes for setup

It may take less, but it’s always good to have a buffer.

Pick a countertop

  • You’ll need a flat surface with power supply nearby.
  • For optimal connectivity, keep it less than 75ft (or two walls away) from the Wi-Fi router.
  • Keep away from humidity and moisture (no bathrooms!)

Tip: Most members choose to place the smart dispenser in their kitchen.

Ensure your Wi-Fi is connected

You’ll need your Wi-Fi name and password (if you have one) to connect your smart dispenser to the network. Note: Hero doesn’t support 5GHz frequency

Having Wi-Fi connectivity issues?

Have your meds at hand

Waiting on new prescriptions/refills? You can still set up the smart dispenser today with the meds you have at hand. Adding/refilling medications can be easily done later.

Let’s get you set up!

Who are you setting up for?

Watch the tutorial


Remove Travel bar & plug in your smart dispenser

Remove Travel bar & plug in your smart dispenser

Take your smart dispenser out of its box, and remove the Travel bar in the lock compartment on the back of the device. Then plug your smart dispenser into a nearby power outlet.


Connect your smart dispenser to Wi-Fi

Connect your smart dispenser to Wi-Fi

Use the dispenser’s buttons to scroll and select your Wi-Fi network name. Input your Wi-Fi password, if you have one.

Having issues connecting to Wi-Fi?


Select your timezone

Select your timezone

Find and select your timezone.


Connect your smart dispenser to the app

Connect your smart dispenser to the app
  • Your smart dispenser will display a unique 8-digit connection code.
  • Download and open the Hero app, tap ‘Set up Hero,’ and enter your 8-digit connection code displayed on the dispenser.


Select ‘Myself’ as the person who’ll be using the smart dispenser

Select ‘Myself’ as the person who’ll be using the smart dispenser

As the primary user of Hero, you will get administrator permissions, and have the ability to edit settings and preferences.


Create your Hero account

Create your Hero account

Fill out your profile information, username and password to create your Hero account. As part of the process you’ll be asked to verify your email address.

Having issues verifying your email?


Add your medications and dose schedule

Add your medications and dose schedule

For each medication, enter the following:

  • Medication name: As you start typing, we will automatically suggest matches. No match? You can add it manually.
  • Medication attributes: Brand, dose form and dose strength. Additionally, select whether you’d like to store this med inside or outside the smart dispenser. Reminder: Hero can store up to 10 meds.
  • Medication schedule: Select the schedule type (every day or select days) for this med, and add the dose times and pill quantities per dose.

Finished? Tap ‘Done adding medications.’


Set notifications and preferences

Set notifications and preferences
  • Review app notifications you will receive as the primary user, such as missed doses, needed refills, and more.
  • Set device preferences that fit your needs. These include adding a device access passcode for additional security, or changing the medication dispense time window (by default, it is set to 4 hours).

Tip: You can always change these settings under “More” tab in the app.


Add partners to your Hero journey

Add partners to your Hero journey

We encourage you to invite friends or family members to join your Hero journey. They will get notifications including missed doses and meds running low as well as view your adherence progress. You can add as many partners as you’d like!


Load your medications into the smart dispenser

Load your medications into the smart dispenser

Last step, loading your meds! Follow the instructions on the smart dispenser screen - It will walk you through this simple process:

  1. The dispenser door will open for you to access the cartridges.
  2. Remove the first cartridge and load the meds. Pinch the tabs on the cartridge to remove it, and fill it up to the MAX line.
  3. Re-insert the cartridge and close the door. Push it back into the slot until you hear a click. Then, close the door.

Repeat this process for all your meds.

Tip: You can add refill details about each med you’re loading (expiration / pill count), for more accurate pill tracking.

Common FAQ

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