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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring with Hero

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Hero is the best-in-class remote medication management platform with 90% patient engagement. It’s simple. Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) programs leveraging Hero are designed to improve medication adherence.

What is RTM

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) uses digital technologies to collect and monitor non-physiologic health data – such as medication use and adherence – from patients with chronic diseases. Medication monitoring provides enhanced visibility into adherence, which is critical for improving patient outcomes.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) now provides coverage and payment for RTM under Medicare Part B.

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RTM with Hero opens new opportunities for your patients and your practice.


RTM with Hero opens new opportunities for your patients and your practice.

Patients using Hero have a 90%+ medication adherence rate which may lead to better health outcomes. Hero has a 80 NPS (net promoter score), demonstrating a delightful user experience.

Actionable Patient Data

RTM combined with Hero’s high persistence rate provides you with actionable real-time data. Your patient’s data is easily configurable to your workflow and is auditable.

Program Management

Your practice can seamlessly process the enrollment of existing and new patients into RTM, via Hero fulfillment and onboarding services, EHR integration, and automated charge capture.

How it works


How it works

Hero’s innovative dispenser stores 10 different pills of nearly any size or weight and intuitively sorts and dispenses them according to the user’s programed schedule. Each pill container stores up to a 90-day supply when dosed once-daily. The device then sends text and audio reminders when it’s time to take a dose and provides real-time adherence data to family members and caregivers involved in the member's care. This interactive and connected system keeps caregivers and loved ones connected, allowing them to monitor the member’s medication management.


Providers can monitor medication adherence and regimen changes for their entire RTM-enrolled patient panel using real-time data and configurable alerts. The Enterprise Portal allows for seamless RTM enrollment, clinical note-taking, charge capture, and more. All provider activity in the platform is fully auditable and integrates with your existing EMR. By leveraging Hero’s Enterprise Portal, you have unparalleled access to actionable information, allowing you to provide more comprehensive virtual care to patients.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) with Hero improves medication adherence for high-risk, medically complex patients

See how Hero RTM patients have better adherence outcomes.

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