Pill Dispensers For the Elderly: Tips for Medication Reminders

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Unlock enhanced medication management for seniors with an automatic pill dispenser. Discover the right medication dispenser for elderly loved ones, with smart features like audible notifications, caregiver features in-app, and more. Learn how to keep track of multiple medications with ease.

Introduction to Medication Management for Older Adults

Taking daily medication becomes a norm for many as we age, especially when dealing with various health conditions. However, managing multiple meds, understanding the dosing schedule, and combating the increased likelihood of medication errors due to 40% of seniors reporting memory issues and 64% experiencing vision decline can be daunting [1].

Thankfully, pill dispensers for seniors, like the automatic pill dispenser systems such as Hero, are revolutionizing the way older adults and their family members manage medications.

The Challenges of a Traditional Pill Organizer

Taking medication straight from the original prescription bottle can cause problems for seniors who have vision, memory, and dexterity issues. The small text can be difficult to read, it's all too easy to forget a dose, and the bottles themselves can be hard to open.

Even if a caregiver helps with the medication schedule, trying to get a handle on medication schedules and pill organizers can become a formidable task. Polypharmacy, which is common for elderly people, also increases the potential for missed doses.

Pillboxes, which contain small containers for the time of day or day of the week, once appeared to be the optimal organization tool, but these bring their own set of challenges. The small nature of these compartments may be too small for your daily pill needs. Similar to the original prescription bottles, the compartments can also be difficult to open, especially when considering that almost half of the senior population in the U.S. has arthritis [2]. But the biggest issue of all remains the fact that these boxes only hold one week of medication at a time, meaning someone -- whether that's the patient or the caregiver -- needs to both remember and take time to refill the pill box with the right meds every week.

Finding the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser

The most difficult part of taking many medications is remembering to take them at the right time. When all medications are taken at once, it can be a simple process, but this often isn't the case when dosing ranges from once to twice to thrice daily, and some pills need to be taken with meals or before bed.

With so many factors involved, it's easy to see why having effective reminders are so important.

Alarm clocks are one of the oldest tools to make sure something gets done on time. In the modern era, most smartphones let you program multiple alarms right into the phone. Unfortunately, as with old school alarms, it's all too easy to hit "snooze" or just turn off the alarm altogether without actually getting out of bed or up from that comfy couch.

Another option are pillbox alarms, which are essentially standard plastic pillboxes with a small alarm clock built into it. With a limitation of just two alarms on most models, however, this option is rarely an option at all for users taking several different medications.

Most of these solutions fall short due to limitations like too many pills for compartments, lack of loud alarms, or being too complex and not user-friendly. This is where automated medication dispensers like Hero step in, providing a complete medication dispensing solution.

Complex med schedule? We solved it.

Hero’s smart dispenser reminds you to take your meds and dispenses the right dose, at the right time.

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Features of Hero - The Automatic Medication Dispenser

Hero is more than an automatic medication dispenser; it's a comprehensive system that organizes, dispenses, and tracks up to 10 different prescription medications. The Hero app can even help you track up to 10 more.

  1. Smart Electronic Dispensing: When it's time for a dose, Hero offers a flashing light and audible reminders with a pleasant chime, dispensing your appropriate pills with the touch of a button.
  2. Medication Adherence: With phone call reminders and in-app notifications, Hero assists with medication adherence, in some cases allowing seniors to remain independent.
  3. Loved One and Caregiver Alerts: If a dose is missed, Hero can alert the caregiver via text messages, keeping family members informed and able to communicate with loved ones to aid in medication adherence.
  4. Refill Tracking and Online Portal Access: Through the app-based portal, manage your whole routine, and keep track of refill times.

Freedom from Sorting and Reading Bottles

With Hero, there's no more sorting through bottles or reading prescriptions. This smart medicine dispenser helps you build a schedule within the connected app so you can organize your medications and receive notifications when it is time to take a dose.

Stay Connected with Wireless Technology

Hero's wireless device and subscription-based service allow you to be away from your medication dispenser. Receive audible alarms, audio alerts, or text messages for your medication times, and adjust your medication regimens right from the Hero app.

Be In Control with Smart Features

With programmable alerts, Hero puts you in control. This automatic dispenser offers special features for the hearing impaired with loud alarms and visual cues.

The Importance of Automatic Pill Dispensers

Automating medication routines may be helpful in reducing missed doses, ensuring timely doses, and maintaining proper medication schedules. With medication dispensers for seniors like Hero, managing multiple meds and tracking medication adherence may become simple and effective.

Learn More and Explore Hero's Electronic Pill Dispenser

Remembering to take medication isn't as easy as it seems, but with Hero's customizable all-in-one medication management system, it's simpler than ever before. Ready to explore how Hero works and how it can help you or your loved one with managing medications? Click here to discover Hero, your key to easy and streamlined medication management.

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[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1123445/#:~:text=About%2040%25%20of%20people%20aged,progress%20to%20dementia%20each%20year.

[2] https://www.cdc.gov/arthritis/data_statistics/arthritis-related-stats.htm#:~:text=Of%20people%20aged%2065%20years,ever%20reported%20doctor%2Ddiagnosed%20arthritis.

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