The Best Way To Fill Your Weekly Pill Box

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Medication can manage the demands of aging, helping people take control of their health and comfortably enjoy retirement. Although these simple pills can do so much good, medication regimens can become dangerous when taken incorrectly or forgotten.

Whether at home or traveling, a popular choice for medication organization is the tried and true weekly pill box. While weekly pill boxes do have room for improvement, their ability to organize your medication in an easily accessible manner is a major benefit.

So, let’s talk about some best practices for weekly pill boxes. Later on, we’ll also introduce a pill organizer upgrade that further simplifies medication management.

Weekly Pill Box How-To

When preparing a weekly pill box, it’s important to take some precautions to avoid potential errors.

First, you should wash your hands to reduce the risk of spreading germs. Then, you’ll lay out your medication bottles across a flat, clean workspace, such as your kitchen counter or dining table.

Place the medication you need to organize on one side of your workspace; once you have organized a particular medication, you will place it on the other side. Many people find it easier to work left to right, so all meds will be placed on the left side to begin, pills will get filled left to right in the pill box case, and finished medications will be gathered to the right.

Pill boxes should be used for medications taken each day, at the same time. If you have morning and night time medications but only have a simple 7-day pill organizer, consider using two separate pill boxes of different colors. This will reduce the risk of mixing up your morning and evening doses.

Filling Your Box

Take your first prescription bottle and carefully read the label to determine how often you need a dose, and how many pills make up a single dose.

Prepare seven days' worth of that single medication by placing one dose into each day of the week, splitting doses between the AM or PM pill box compartments as necessary. Be extra careful when you divide doses between the AM-PM compartments if your pill case has them. Not all pills will be taken twice a day, and some pills are needed more than twice a day, so be mindful about which doses go where to make sure you adhere to the right schedule.

When transferring meds into a weekly pill organizer, note that you will no longer have your prescription label readily available, which includes the purpose of each drug. Many pills can look alike, so it's important to not only be extra vigilant when filling compartments, but to also try and be as knowledgeable as you can about each medication you take.

You can always keep a notebook with your pill box to not only reference medication info, but also record and track your own medication adherence, which could be a valuable dataset for your caregiver and healthcare provider.

When you have finished organizing this medication, you can then place the bottle on the "complete" side of your workspace.

Work your way through each medication.

Once finished, check each compartment to ensure they are filled correctly before closing. The lids should snap tightly shut and should never open by themselves. If a container does pop open on its own, replace the pill box with a new one as soon as possible.

To keep track of dosage times, consider using an alarm clock or pill reminder app to set reminders for yourself.

Storing your Pill Box

Once your pill box is loaded with a week's worth of medication, it’s important to place it in a safe but easily accessible location such as on your nightstand, off to the side on the kitchen counter, or even in a medicine cabinet. These pill holders are often made of thin, brittle plastic, and run the risk of easily getting buried under mail or breaking under weight.

While travel pill organizers can be handily kept in a purse or vehicle, be sure to avoid adding pressure on the box as this runs the risk of cracking it.

A Better System For Medication Management

If your medication schedule is more complex than one or two daily pills, weekly pill boxes, while popular, aren't ideal medication organizers or pill planner systems.

We live in a world filled with technological advances that have helped improve countless lives, so why not take advantage of new technology in medication management that’s designed to make your life easier?

The Hero Dispenser and App

Hero is an automated and streamlined way to manage your daily medication needs.

Pill bottles can become a hassle with hard-to-read labeling and difficult-to-open lids, and interacting with them on a weekly basis to fill a pill box weekly only becomes more difficult with age. To remedy this, Hero lets you fill up to 90 days’ worth of 10 different medications, and will automatically dispense the right dose of medication at the right time into an easy to grab cup.

The Hero App works alongside the dispenser to help keep you on track with reminders and notifications, and is customizable to any dosing schedule you may need to program. You can set the Hero app to notify you that it's time for a dose via text, call, or app notifications to your phone, while simultaneously playing a pleasant chime and blinking a light for added noticeability.

Hero will also track your medication adherence, with the option to notify a caregiver if you're late to or have completely missed a dose. A big-picture adherence report is available to bring to your doctor during check-ups, so they can better understand how your medication is affecting your health.

With your medication out of sight, you may be concerned about tracking refills. Thankfully, Hero will track this, too, and will inform you when a refill is needed.

Lastly, Hero will keep your medication organized and safely stored, so you never have to worry about losing a bottle or a curious pet claiming his new chew toy. For added protection, you can also program and require a 4-digit passcode to be entered for medication to be dispensed.

Make the upgrade to streamlined medication management with Hero.

Being diligent while filling your weekly pill boxes may be enough to keep track of a few daily pills, but this outdated form of medication management can quickly become overwhelming when attempting to always ensure safe, accurate dosing.

Make the upgrade to Hero for a streamlined medication management experience that makes taking your pills as easy as pushing a button.


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