Hero Changelog



Release 20.5.1

  • Simplified organization of More tab
  • Removal of limits for refer a friend program
  • Regimen schedule times sorted by earliest to latest
  • New filesystem - Hero firmware

Hero Firmware v2.0, Hero Cloud v1.15.0, Hero Commerce API v1.3.10, Hero Mobile App v1.16.0, Hero Backoffice v1.5.6.


Release 20.3.5

  • Remote debugging 
  • Vacation Mode - Feedback from Beta testers (in Beta)
  • Early Refill - Feedback from Beta testers (in Beta)
  • Wifi Connectivity issues

Hero Firmware v1.25.0, Hero Cloud v1.13.3.


Release 20.3.1

  • New Early Refill feature (in Beta)
  • New Pill Level algorithm (in Beta)
  • Fixes for log out issues on certain pages
  • Fix for unlocking user after Payment update
  • Registration for Caregivers is available in Mobile app
  • Removed Adding Caregiver from Web App

Hero Firmware v1.23.0, Hero Cloud API v1.13.0, Hero Commerce API v1.3.6, Hero Mobile App v1.14.0, Hero Web App v1.13.0, Hero Backoffice v1.5.5.


Release 20.2.1

  • Fix for Missed doses screen that disappears after device restart
  • Fix for Skipped/Missed doses that are being lost after device power cycle
  • Fix for unable to dispense missed dose after device power cycle 
  • Improvements for Vacation Mode (In Beta)
  • Fixes for Caregiver Notifications
  • New feature: Is Hero Fill Right for Me?
  • Added Autocorrect to Notes Section

Hero Firmware v1.22.0, Hero Cloud API v1.12.1, Hero Commerce API v1.3.5, Hero Fill API v1.3.4, Hero Mobile App v1.13.0, Hero Web App v1.12.1.


Release 20.1.1

  • Vacation Mode feature  (currently in Beta)
  • Improvements for adding medication
  • Hero Fill - Email notifications for Transfer Request updates (Completed and Failed) 
  • Hero Fill - Email notifications for Order updates (Prepared, Completed and Failed) 
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Hero Firmware v1.21.6, Hero Cloud API v1.12.0, Hero Fill API v1.3.3, Hero Mobile App v1.12.0, Hero Web App v1.12.0


Release 19.9.2

  • Safety Settings - Control the time allowed to take a dose (Default 4 hour window, Set from 2-24 hours)
  • Improvements for adding medication (Web)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Hero Firmware v1.20.001, Hero Cloud API v1.11.1, Hero Fill API v1.3.2.1, Hero Mobile App v1.11.1, Hero Web App v1.11.1